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PPL Starter Kit Discount Pooleys
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We’ve teamed up with our friends over at Pooleys.com to provide you with a discounted rate on their PPL starter kit!

When starting out on your journey to becoming a Private or Commercial Pilot you may well be bogged down with lots of information. You’ll also likely be advised to buy a number of pieces of equipment to get you started. This can all be a little overwhelming and time consuming, so Pooley’s offer a quick solution to this, a PPL Starter Pack…

The pack contains all of the following essential items:

  1. APM Volume 1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 7
  2. Pooleys Spiral United Kingdom Flight Guide (latest edition)
  3. Pooleys NM-2 Scale Ruler
  4. Pooleys PP-1 Protractor
  5. Pooleys CRP-1 Computer
  6. Pooleys CB-3 Kneeboard & VFR Log Pad
  7. Pooleys PPL Log Book
  8. Set of permanent Lumocolour Markers
  9. CAA 1:500,000 chart of your local area (please specify area required)
  10. Pooleys FC-8 Case
  11. Pooleys High Visibility Jacket
  12. Pooleys £10 Gift Voucher.

With a combined value of OVER £300, this kit costs just £239.99 and with our To Be A Pilot discount code, you can bag this Starter Kit for just £227.99 when you enter the code “TBAP” at checkout.

You can also bag yourself an additional 5% off most other training products available on Pooleys.com by entering our discount code “TBAP” at the checkout stage.

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