About Us

About To Be A Pilot

ToBeAPilot.co.uk was founded in 2010. In just 10 years the website has grown rapidly, which has re-affirmed our founders vision, the need for a website which serves as a starting point for all aspiring pilots, be it recreational or career pilots.

Over the years we have received plenty of feedback from our users, regular and new ones, all with the same topic: How much help the website has been.

To Be A Pilot is run by people with a range of aviation backgrounds, which means that we have a great understanding of the workings of flight training in particular. We hope that over the next seven years, the website will continue to grow and be even more successful than it has been over the last seven.

If you have any enquiries about the site, it’s content or about advertising with us, then please visit our contact section where you will find the relevant email addresses.