Which medical do you need?

Which Medical do I need? So you are about to embark on the journey to the cockpit right? Thought so, well before you start there is a number of important things to understand and indeed complete, one of these is an aviation medical.

Although an aviation medical certificate is not a requirement to fly with an instructor, as they are essentially the captain, it is a requirement to fly solo, this means that at some stage, usually around the 15 hours mark, you will be required to hold a medical. We recommend gaining a medical before undertaking any training, to avoid any dissappointment that could arise from not being able to meet the required fitness or health levels.

There are two main types of aviation medical, both of which are summarised below, to find out more visit the respective pages for each medical by following the highlighted links.

Class One Medical:

If you are considering flying commercially in the future then a class one medical is an essential. We recommend gaining this certificate from the off, which as well as saving you a reasonable amount of money will also but your mind at rest. If you are purely looking to fly for pleasure and only plan on completing a Private Pilot Licence (PPL) then a class one, although valid is not necessary. Click here to read more on class one medicals…

Class Two Medical:

A class two medical is the level below a class one medical and still requires an AME (Aero Medical examiner) to check you out before issuing the certificate, this medical, like the class one includes an EPG. A class two medical is usually around a third the price of a class one and can in most circumstances be done locally. Click here to read more on class two medicals…

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