Ryanair Head of Training: “Ireland should be the capital of the billion-euro student pilot industry”

Ryanair’s Head of Training and Deputy Chief Pilot believes that Ireland could become the capital of the billion-euro student pilot training industry.

Andy O’Shea firmly believes that Ireland could be top for pilot training with minimal investment, citing that the infrastructure is already there. The Head of Training said that “more than a third of the industries current stock pile of pilots will retire between now and 2027”.

He went on to say: “The conservative estimate that I’ve researched is that between now and 2026, the world needs 250,000 pilots,” he told the gathering of transport execs and students. “Each of those represents a spend of about €100,000 just for the technical qualification.”

Boeing have estimated that over 500,000 new pilots will be needed to meet their aircraft order book over the next two decades, that’s over 25,000 new pilots each and every year.

Andy believes that Ireland is the perfect place to train those new pilots, with his airline giving some justification for his beliefs, after announcing they will recruit over 1000 pilots this year. “The Gold we have to offer” he says “is that this country and it’s airlines are generating what every students wants at the end of the day, which is a job”.

The Irish Aviation Authority is “regarded as one of the top-five authorities in the world” by the UN’s ICAO. O’Shea says this is an asset as compliance is an extremely important part of providing quality training.

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