Our Aid To Your Hour Building

The Hour Building log has been designed to assist you with what is potentially the most important phase of your flying education in mind. Hour Building can be the one of the most daunting phases on your path to becoming a career pilot. It is the first time that you will truly be PIC of your own aircraft (or an aircraft you’ve rented!).

You will never have concentrated harder when completing those “Before Start Checks” for the first time. But once you’re up there and you’re relaxed, you’ll soon realise that there isn’t an instructor sat to your right-hand side yanking at the throttle as you a tempt to complete a PFL. And while you may be relieved at the thought of never having to complete a steep turn again, or at least for the foreseeable future, we believe it is very important that skills, like stall recognition, do not become a thing of the past. Welcome to our aid to your hour building!

Where to begin

The log contains five different sections, which cover the vast majority of skills that were covered in your PPL syllabus. We have also thrown in a couple of other skills that some of you may or may not have covered, depending on the type and location of airfield that your learnt from. Skills like use of a Traffic Service aren’t always covered, in which case, we would strongly advise seeking advice from your instructor or another experienced aviation professional before requesting one for the first time.

The log is there as an aid, to help you keep track of your learning. We have provided plenty of space for you to keep notes during your hour building. In these spaces, we feel you should give yourself some constructively critical feedback from time to time. Pick yourself up on things that you feel you could’ve done better, or you would do a little differently next time. Or if you’ve been flying with someone of experience, ask them for some feedback. Nobody is perfect and everyone makes mistakes from time to time and its important that those mistakes are learnt from!

Your hour building is the freest time of your flying education, full of plenty of opportunities and adventures. But is very important that, between all those bacon sandwiches and cuppas during those land-aways, that you continue the upward learning trajectory you’ve been on over the past days/weeks/months/years. Use our hour building log to keep track of that and take the hassle out of it all!

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