Multi-Engine Rating

A multi-engine rating, as the name suggests allows either a Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence holder to fly a multi-engine aircraft. This rating is a requirement for the issue of a frozen Airline Transport Pilot Licence (f)ATPL. Under a ‘intense’ modular course or indeed an integrated course, this rating is usually combined with the students Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL) training, or Instrument Rating course.

Before you begin a Multi-Engine rating course, what do you need?

Well to begin a MEP rating course, you are required to hold at least a PPL, meaning the minimum age requirement is that to hold a PPL, 17 years of age. You will also require a medical, be that Class One or Class Two. With regard to flying hours, you will be required to have at minimum 70 hours of flying Pilot-In-Command (PIC). The course will typically be completed on a Piper Seneca.

What will I, and what am I required to do during the training?

During the training you will be required to fly a minimum of 5 hours, with an additional 7-10 hours of ground-school on how to deal with emergencies etc. During the training you will learn how to fly the aircraft with both engines and more importantly how to handle an engine failure, completing a number of manoeuvres with just one engine operative.

Once your training is complete you will be required to sit the Multi-Engine rating examination, once again multiple choice and you will be required to complete a flight test of around one hour, again with an approved CAA examiner.

On successful completion you can send of your paperwork and logbooks to the CAA who will in-turn issue you with your Multi-Engine rating.

So, what are the specific privileges of holding a Private Pilot Licence?

By holding a MEP-rating you are entitled to hire a multi-engine aircraft and exercise your licence privileges, be that Private or Commercially, however you are not able to hire an aircraft and be rewarded without an Air Operators Certificate or AOC.

Is my rating valid for ever?

A multi-engine rating must be renewed every 12 months by completing a flying proficiency check flight with an approved CAA examiner. This flight must be completed within the last 3 months of your ratings validity.

What is the cost of obtaining a MEP rating?

Once again there is no fixed cost when gaining a licence or rating, it is set by the cost of a number of things, we’ve completed a list below, be sure to ask your prospective school how much each of the below cost before embarking on your training as some schools may avoid explaining the extras!

  • Hourly aircraft hire rate including an instructor.
  • Landing fee and Touch & Go fees for the entire course.
  • School membership fees.
  • Exam fees, including ground exams and flight test fees.
  • Cancellation and no-show fees.

As well as the above costs there are also a number of other fixed costs to take into account when making your calculations:

  • Class One medical fee costing £330 or alternatively a Class Two, costing between £100 and £150.
  • Examiner fees and licence issue fees, these can be found on the CAA Scheme of Charges document, by clicking here.

Having taken all these costs into account a Multi-Engine Rating dependant upon your location and choice of school can cost between £2000 and £4000, this of course would be with the minimum 5 hours of training and also varies with choice of aircraft.

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