Kura Aviation students flying high with Air Tanker success

Student’s from the Stratford-upon-Avon based flight training provider, are celebrating success after landing their first commercial aviation jobs with UK based Airbus A330 operator Air Tanker.

The students, who all followed a number of different modular routes, all gained valuable experience by enlisting themselves on Kura Aviation’s BESTPILOT programme, a programme that offers those who have taken the modular route, a structured, well-run programme to prepare them for the task that lies ahead, being a first officer in an airline. On successful completion of the course, KURA students are given fantastic support for as long as they need it to help them gain that elusive first job.

The course is a first in the aviation world, developed and run by Isobel Hall, it is designed to help students ‘stand head and shoulders above the rest’. At 5 weeks long, it begins with Pilot Fundamentals, this week long classroom based section provides a great insight in to the roles and responsibilities of a commercial pilot and indeed a new First Officer.

Kura Aviation BESTPILOT

Having completed week one, students then move on to Airline Jet Transition, this part lasts 3 weeks in total and cumulates with an MCC and JOC certificate. Unlike many traditional MCC and JOC courses, Kura’s AJT is a pass/fail course, which aims to help the student achieve the highest possible standards throughout.  The course is in many ways far more structured than many MCC courses on offer, workload is high and it involves a number of assessments and checks along the way. On completion the student will have 40 hours of simulator training logged.

The student then moves on to the third and final stage, Advanced Airline Preparation, this takes up the final week of the five week course. Unlike most interview preparation programmes offered online, Kura does not base their course on feedback shared on the internet but on each pilot’s core competencies, using the knowledge gained through the previous four weeks. This allows Kura’s customers to identify exactly how much they have to offer and how valuable their own experiences are.

The week also consists of a review of all aspects of airline selection, meaning that whichever airline comes calling, their newly qualified BESTPILOT is fully prepared.

At this point, Kura does not cut ties with their BESTPILOT students but continues to offer support and assistance as long as required, the company may also offer recommendations to a number of their airline partners.

Jack Roberts “It was such a relief to finally feel part of organisation that would support me and back me up no matter how long it took to get my first commercial job.”

Recently, Jack, Philip, Jonathan and Marcus found this course of great help, all gaining employment, along at UK based Air Tanker on their Airbus A330 aircraft, providing MOD services as well as charter to the UK Airline Industry.

All four students were selected off the back of Kura Aviation’s training programme and completed fully-bonded Airbus type-ratings with Air Tanker and are now operating across the globe. We recently caught up with them to find out about their backgrounds, how they trained and how they’re enjoying their new jobs and over the coming weeks we’ll be publishing a series of question and answer articles with them so stay tuned to our website, Facebook, Twitter and Newsletter to avoid missing out.

Updated 27/04/2017 – Read the second part of this story “From Drummer to Airbus A330 – Q&A with Kura Aviation Student Jack Roberts…”

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