International Women’s Day: Around the Airlines…


Today is International Women’s Day and over the past few years many of our airlines have recognised the need to encourage more women into the industry. With just over 5% of the global pilot population being female, there is certainly a long way to go, but there is also a cause for celebration as more and more of our industry leaders begin to change the way they recruit and the way they look at the profession.

We’ve been on social media today to see what is happening in the world of aviation on #InternationalWomensDay!

Lots of airlines are going with all female crews today, here’s a few of them:

Emirates also went for an all Female crew for their service to San Francisco, including a First Officer from the UK:

Our friends at easyJet are today celebrating having over 100 female pilots after their very successful recent Amy Johnson initiative to get more women into the flight deck:

We also saw some great announcements today to continue the good work that’s already being done to help women into a male-dominated profession:

And finally, to celebrate International Women’s Day, we took a look back at five of the most inspirational female pioneers of the aviation industry: (Click the image)

International Women's Day 2018

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