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FTA (Flying Time Aviation), based at Brighton City Airport in the UK have announced the launch of their funded FTA Instrument Rating Instructor Course, to the value of £15,000.

The scheme will see the ideal candidate gaining employment with FTA as an ab-initio instructor teaching the PPL and Phase 1-3 of their integrated course. Whilst working for FTA and on successful completion of the 6 months of basic instructing, the candidate will then complete the Instrument Rating Instructor Course and move on to teaching students single-engine IFR phase of their Integrated Flight Deck Programmes.

Places are limited and the application deadline is 28th February 2018 so you need to move quickly!

Full details are as follows:

Sponsorship Details:

The following timeline offers an approximate breakdown of the Instrument Rating Instructor Sponsorship:

  • Approximately six months working as Flight Instructor and building IFR hours to the pre-requisites for the instrument rating instructor course, followed by completion of the instrument rating instructor course.
  • Then 36 months working as Flight Instructor teaching the Phase 4 single-engine IFR elements of the integrated course

Following this, there may be an opportunity to upgrade to a multi-engine instructor to teach all elements of the integrated and modular courses or be put forward to an airline through our partner, KURA Aviation

For more details, please email: sponsoredtraining@fta-global.com

* The IFR hour building and Instrument Rating Instructor course is subject to a bond, and certain criteria being met.

Terms and conditions apply. Structure might vary depending on operational requirements

Minimum Entry Requirements:

  • Flight Instructor Rating
  • EASA Class 1 medical
  • Radio licence
  • ICAO English Level 5
  • Instrument Rating


  • Knowledge and Standards
  • Teamwork
  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Customer service
  • Situational Awareness
  • Ability to teach
  • Flexible

Documentation Required:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) – Single page
  • Cover Note with the reasons why you want to join FTA and become a Flight Instructor
  • Commercial Pilot’s License
  • ICAO language certificate
  • Last 3 logbook entries

Training and employment location:

Brighton City Airport, Cecil Pashley Way, BN43 5FF


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View Press Release

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