Monarch Multicrew Pilot Licence

In a press release, CTC today (30th October 2011) said this:

Monarch Airlines (Monarch), one of the UK’s largest operators, and CTC Aviation Group plc (CTC), world leaders in the airline pilot training arena, have announced an exciting new partnership to deliver Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) training together.  Monarch and CTC have a long standing relationship and almost one quarter of Monarch’s current pilot workforce are graduates of CTC’s established and highly reputed cadet training programme, “CTC Wings”. Monarch has selected CTC to exclusively supply all their future cadet pilots under a newly launched cadet training programme – “Monarch Wings.”

The two companies have been working closely together with the Civil Aviation Authority to finalise an MPL course syllabus that is tailored specifically to meet Monarch’s operational needs. The first “Monarch Wings” MPL course is scheduled to begin in December 2011 and pilots will be ready to begin flying on the line from spring 2013.  Captain Martin Dudley, Head of Pilot Training for Monarch said “Monarch Airlines is delighted to come on board with CTC to create this MPL course. It presents a fantastic opportunity to validate the very latest methods for getting new pilots ready to fly our modern technology passenger aircraft.”

Since CTC began delivering cadet pilot training through the “CTC Wings” programme, the company has always embraced the MPL philosophy with its own “Vertically Integrated” (VI) approach to training. Simply put, “VI” is a top down, airline-focused process that incorporates airline procedures and disciplines throughout.

“We believe we have structured a pure MPL course by combining our ‘VI’ methods with the true MPL philosophy in mind” explains Captain Brian Haigh, Head of Training for CTC’s FTO division (CTC Aviation Training). “The essence of MPL and competency based training is all about achieving the standard – not necessarily in minimum hours. We have structured a course appropriate for the end goal which is to deliver a fully prepared, quality pilot to the airline. To achieve this, the course should utilise the right instructors, training devices and performance monitoring tools, and select high calibre trainees.”

The “Monarch Wings” MPL will continue to utilise CTC’s proven cadet pilot selection process which also embraces airline standards. This robust process has been instrumental in the quality output of more than 2,000 “CTC Wings” pilots to the airlines over the years. Another important feature of this particular course includes utilising CTC’s bespoke, competency based evaluation tool – “CARS” (Crew Assessment and Reporting System); an electronic, web based performance monitoring application.

“We are on course to set new standards for MPL training. Our innovative approach aims to use G1000 equipped aircraft throughout the Core phase and Airbus A320 flight simulators during the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced phases” continued Captain Haigh. “The course is progressive and designed to develop the pilot at the right pace to achieve the high standards expected of Monarch’s pilots.”

Lee Woodward, Director of Business Development for CTC said “We are delighted to be announcing our first MPL partnership with Monarch Airlines. As one of our longest standing
and most valued clients, Monarch has always been forward thinking and committed to improving training standards; working together to develop this programme has been a real

“Our client airline requirements are always going to dictate which course is most appropriate for their particular operation, so CTC will continue to support both MPL and conventional ATPL/IR training into the future.”

In March 2011, Monarch Airlines selected 8 “CTC Wings” ATPL/IR graduates to join them.

During October 2011 a further 8 pre-selected “Monarch Wings” pilots began their ATPL/IR training with CTC and the intention is for a further 6 pilots to train through the “Monarch Wings” MPL programme beginning in December 2011.

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