CTC – Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme

CTC have recently relaunched their popular Generation easyJet Pilot Training Programme with three training routes available and a number of outstanding applicants will also benefit from easyJet underwriting their training loans. The relaunch also once again includes the Amy Johnson initiative.

What is the course?

easyJet is one of Europe’s biggest and most successful airlines and has been a CTC Aviation partner for airline pilot training since 1995. CTC Aviation today, is still very much at the forefront of easyJet pilot training.

The Generation easyJet Programme was launched by easyJet a few years ago with a number of partner schools, using the latest innovations in flight training and provides more people whan ever with the opportunity to persue a career with one of Europe’s largest airlines.

From the day you are selected, you will embark on one of four training routes that are on offer, which will take you to the co-pilot’s seat of an Airbus A320 family aircraft for easyJet, based in Europe.

What are the four routes?

1. CTC Wings easyJet Multi Pilot Licence

Applicants to the CTC Wings MPL in partnership with easyJet will be invited to join the CTC Wings Multi-crew Pilot Licence (MPL) programme – a sponsored airline pilot career programme at the leading edge of airline pilot training innovation. Selected and mentored by easyJet from day one, you will embark upon a unique Route of training which will take you directly to the role of co-pilot on Airbus A320 aircraft, flying easyJet routes around Europe.

2. CTC Wings easyJet Multi Pilot Licence Upgrade

For those who perform to an excellent standard but are initially not offered a place on the CTC Wings MPL in partnership with easyJet, the CTC Wings easyJet MPL upgrade provides a further opportunity to join an MPL training route which takes you directly to a career as an easyJet co-pilot on completion of A320 type rating and line training.

You will be invited to enrol upon the CTC Wings Integrated ATPL route and, following completion of ATPL Theoretical Knowledge exams to the easyJet standard, the highest performers who also meet the required criteria for CTC Wings MPL in partnership with easyJet will be selected to upgrade and continue their training along the easyJet MPL route.

You’ll benefit from an airline-focussed training programme, tailored to easyJet aircraft and standard operating procedures as well as the combined MPL course fee which includes – and significantly reduces the cost of – your A320 type rating training.

3. CTC Wings easyJet Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence

This more traditional route provides a further opportunity to join easyJet for those who successfully complete selection and commence CTC Wings Integrated ATPL, but are not shortlisted to upgrade to MPL on completion of Theoretical Knowledge exams and do meet easyJet criteria, OR do not hold the academic qualifications required for the MPL route. You will continue on the Integrated ATPL Route, completing the Intermediate phase of training tailored to easyJet A320 aircraft and Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). You’ll then launch an exciting flying career as an easyJet co-pilot on completion of A320 type rating, base and line training.

4. Unrivalled Opportunities

If you are unfortunately not selected for any of these routes, you still have the opportunity to join easyJet upon graduation.

Those who emerge successful from the selection process will be offered easyJet placement as an A320 co-pilot and continue to A320 type rating, before joining the next generation of easyJet flight crew.

Training Sponsorship

  1. Fully mentored and supported CTC Wings programme from CTC Aviation in partnership with easyJet
  2. Provision of CTC Aviation’s unique and unrivalled ‘Performance Protection’
  3. Access to CTC Aviation’s unique ‘Training Security Bond’ solution
  4. Repayment of ‘Training Security Bond’ (over seven years) in addition to salary once fully employed by easyJet in the UK

Additional Enhancements

  • option to include the Middlesex University BSc (Hons) Degree in Professional Aviation Pilot Practice with potential access to UK government student loan funding
  • Training on the latest generation EFIS and TAS-equipped aircraft and simulators
  • Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) included
  • Enjoy the experience of a lifetime training in the United Kingdom and New Zealand or the United States

Cost of training

The cost of these courses are as follows:

All MPL Schemes – £109,000

Integrated ATPL Scheme – £123,800

Route 1: easyJet are offering a very limited opportunity for outstanding MPL applicants to have a training loan underwritten by easyJet.

Amy Johnson Flying Initiative: Outstanding female easyJet MPL applicants will also have a limited opportunity for a training loan to be underwritten by easyJet as part of the ‘Amy Johnson Flying Initiative’.


To find out more about these schemes visit CTC Aviation’s website.

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