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Headset Help!

Hi guys,

I'm shortly commencing my commercial training and need a new headset! At the moment I've got a David Clarke second hand set that I picked up on eBay. They've been good so far but they are a little clunky and heavy. They're not noise cancelling so I am looking into what my options are to get myself a more comfortable, light-weight option, but I also don't really have the cash to be splashing out on A20s.

A few people have recommended buying the U Fly Mike setup and going on eBay to find some cheap-ish QC25s, does anyone currently use this set up and does it work as good as it says it does?

Thanks in advance!

Hi bjones78,

I currently use the U Fly Mike set up and it works absolutely fine. The only problem I find with it is that microphone sometimes comes loose, I've not had a proper look at it though so I'm sure something just needs securing up. But other than that it's great, really lightweight and good sound quality and all for a great price!

I bought mine on Amazon for about £160 which I thought was a bargain!

Bose QC25



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