The stress of exams and how to manage them

Dealing with PPL and ATPL exam stress and how to manage them

Whilst this article looks at the stress of exams and how to manage them from the point of a PPL student, you may wish to apply some of theory to other exams, such as ATPLs. Having just overcome the stresses of passing all nine Private Pilots License ground exams, I feel that I am well placed to share my experiences as...

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The Stumbling Block: Paying For Flight Training

Flight Training Mortgage

For those wanting to become an airline pilot, the biggest obstacle by far, is how to afford the ever-rising cost of training. Sadly, there isn't a lot of help readily available out there, and certainly not for those younger budding-pilots who have their hearts set on an aviation career. At present, there are no UK-based airlines offering full-sponsorship course, where...

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Zero to Airline Pilot

Zero to ATPL. Ok, so you are probably wondering what an ATPL is right? An ATPL is short for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence, which is essentially the bare requirement to fly for an airline or a charter company. An ATPL comprises of a number of licences and ratings, all of which are explained in detail below. When you are...

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Which medical do you need?

Which Medical do I need? So you are about to embark on the journey to the cockpit right? Thought so, well before you start there is a number of important things to understand and indeed complete, one of these is an aviation medical. Although an aviation medical certificate is not a requirement to fly with an instructor, as they are...

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