UPRT(A) with CRM Aviation

From the 20th December 2019, EASA have ruled that Upset Prevention and Recovery Training (UPRT) will be a mandatory requirement before starting any initial multi-crew type rating, multi pilot operations in a single pilot aeroplane or single pilot high performance aeroplane ratings. CRM Aviation (Europe) are an EASA Part FCL/ORA Approved Training Organisation, based at White Waltham Airfield near Maidenhead,...

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Keeping You On The Straight & Level

In pursuit of our dream job, the goal posts are ever changing and the end of 2019 is bringing yet again more significant changes. We have to look at this as a positive move on the bass that any extra training can only make us better pilots, but many of us will share frustrations at the potential additional extra costs...

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The Final Piece in the Jigsaw

For many of you, the beginning of your training will be a distant memory. It may have been many years since your PPL Skills test and while your hour building and pleasure flying has left you with some fantastic memories and experiences, the scars left by your ATPL Theory studies have left a lasting effect. You will then have moved...

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UK CAA ATPL Exams – Where should I sit?

So you’ve been revising till you’re blue in the face and you feel as ready as you’re ever going to be to sit that dreaded exam. You head online to the CAA’s portal, credit card in hand ready to part with £73.00 (April 2019) for the pleasure. But you have one final decision to make, where do you sit your...

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Review – Brushing Up with Cat3C

Having completed a six month, full-time ground school course and with a few weeks to go until my Flight Planning and Monitoring exam, I still felt that I could benefit from a few extra hours spent with a tutor. So I had a browse of the world wide web and it wasn’t long until I stumbled across a company called...

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Hour Building – Is Leasing an Option for You?

We’ve spoken in depth about hour building before and what options are available out there in our How Do I Hour Build? article. But one option that we didn’t discuss was leasing an aircraft from a flying school or a specialist leasing company. It is generally accepted that the aviation jobs market is a good as it has ever been for...

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Flight Training & University

University & Flying

In this article, we will take a look at some of the degrees offered by UK universities that incorporate flying into the course. A question we often hear asked is whether a university degree is required to become a commercial pilot? Well, the simple short answer is no it is not. However, in the aviation industry, there is no such...

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Review: Class One Medical with Centreline Aviation Medical Services

Class One Initial Medical Examination

On Monday 19th March 2018, I attended Centreline Aviation Medical Services’ Central London surgery at 22 Upper Wimpole Street in Marylebone to complete my Class One Medical examination. I first enquired about making an appointment approximately 2 months previous. After an initial phone call, I was asked for an email address so that they could send me what can be...

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ATPL Ground School Distance Learning Providers

Distance Learning ATPL

There are a number of ATPL ground school distance learning providers around the United Kingdom. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of them and give you an overview of what they’re all about. It is often difficult for students to find a way to incorporate their flight training into their daily lives. This is particularly the case...

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The stress of exams and how to manage them

Dealing with PPL and ATPL exam stress and how to manage them

Whilst this article looks at the stress of exams and how to manage them from the point of a PPL student, you may wish to apply some of theory to other exams, such as ATPLs. Having just overcome the stresses of passing all nine Private Pilots License ground exams, I feel that I am well placed to share my experiences as...

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