Boeing MAX 10X aircraft could be delivered by 2020

A senior Boeing executive yesterday said that the airline’s latest aircraft the Boeing 737 Max 10X could be delivered as early as 2020, if an airline places an order before the end of 2017.

The comments were made by Boeing chief project engineer and deputy program manager Michael Teal, on the day that the first Boeing 737 Max 9 is set to take to the sky on it’s maiden test flight. The Boeing 737 Max 10X has been marketed by Boeing as a competitor to the Airbus A320neo, with increased passenger capacity and better fuel efficiency.

The current largest 737 variant is the Boeing 737 Max 9, which will seat around 230 passengers in all economy configuration, similar to that of the larger A321 variants from Airbus. Keen customers for the new aircraft include Korean Air, Air Canada and Lion Air, although no airline has yet committed to the new type.

Mr Teal said “”We’ll determine the delivery date when we launch that program when the customers show the interest and they buy the airplane,” on a conference call with reporters. “Sales teams are out meeting with customers today.”

Watch the Boeing 737 Max 9 make it’s first test flight here live.

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