Theory Taught the FTA Way

Flying Time Aviation, or FTA as they are more commonly known, are an Approved Training Organisation based at Brighton City Airport (Shoreham) on the south coast of England. They have been offering pilot training from their base for over 10 years now, and boast of a modern fleet of Piper and Diamond aircraft as their instructional aircraft. For several years,...

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Keeping You On The Straight & Level

In pursuit of our dream job, the goal posts are ever changing and the end of 2019 is bringing yet again more significant changes. We have to look at this as a positive move on the bass that any extra training can only make us better pilots, but many of us will share frustrations at the potential additional extra costs...

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The Final Piece in the Jigsaw

For many of you, the beginning of your training will be a distant memory. It may have been many years since your PPL Skills test and while your hour building and pleasure flying has left you with some fantastic memories and experiences, the scars left by your ATPL Theory studies have left a lasting effect. You will then have moved...

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Choosing the right Flight School

Choosing the right flight school when you’re starting out is a rather daunting experience, not least because you don’t have much Aviation experience to help you make the decision. Questions such as, which aircraft type is best? Am I better training from a secluded grass landing strip or a big commercial airport? Should the school have lots of aircraft or...

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UK CAA ATPL Exams – Where should I sit?

So you’ve been revising till you’re blue in the face and you feel as ready as you’re ever going to be to sit that dreaded exam. You head online to the CAA’s portal, credit card in hand ready to part with £73.00 (April 2019) for the pleasure. But you have one final decision to make, where do you sit your...

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Review – Brushing Up with Cat3C

Having completed a six month, full-time ground school course and with a few weeks to go until my Flight Planning and Monitoring exam, I still felt that I could benefit from a few extra hours spent with a tutor. So I had a browse of the world wide web and it wasn’t long until I stumbled across a company called...

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Scratching That Post Skills Test Itch

PPL Skills test

In years gone by, students who have just passed their Skills Test have had to endure a frustrating wait for their first truly solo flight while their licence application is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and their licence is finally sent to them. Well, not anymore! The CAA recently relaxed their rules, meaning that you get your hands...

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Global Commercial Pilot Shortage. Is It Real?

Global Pilot Shortage UK

We've all heard it recently, in fact, industry 'experts' have been predicting it for years, but has the time actually arrived where by we are actually experiencing a pilot shortage? I think back to 2008, at the time I was working in a small flying school 'up North'. I was just starting the long journey to becoming a commercial pilot...

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Hour Building – Is Leasing an Option for You?

We’ve spoken in depth about hour building before and what options are available out there in our How Do I Hour Build? article. But one option that we didn’t discuss was leasing an aircraft from a flying school or a specialist leasing company. It is generally accepted that the aviation jobs market is a good as it has ever been for...

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TUI Open Low-Hour Pilot Recruitment

TUI Pilot Recruitment Jobs UK

TUI Airways (formerly Thomson UK) have opened up an exciting recruitment campaign aimed at pilots with low-hours looking for their first job. The campaign also includes a route for pilots that have previous commercial but "non-airline" experience and have 500 hours or more as well as a Military and ex-Military pilot entry route. The recruitment campaign which launched yesterday is...

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