Anyone who holds a Private Pilot Licence or an NPPL can undertake aerobatic training as there is no requirements for a rating issue, as there is no official CAA rating or indeed qualification for aerobatics.

Before you begin flying aerobatics, what are the requirements?

Once again, just a good stomach and the hunger for a thrill!

What does the usual aerobatics course consist of?

Well, aerobatic courses vary from school to school and are not laid out by the CAA or any other formal body, however most flying schools tend to follow a similar set of lessons which usually last around 5 hours. These usually start with, if the student hasn’t already had the opportunity to, recover from a full spin. The training will then move on to experiencing and indeed practising many well-known manoeuvres which may include loop rolls, stall turns and practice the combination and sequencing of manoeuvres.

There is no theory involved, however most aerobatic courses include a number of hours worth of briefings before and after flights. There is also no exam to be passed.

Aerobatic training can be undertaken in a number of aircraft, which vary from organisation to organisation, however they must be approved for aerobatic use, so its unlikely you would be undertaking training in a Piper Warrior for example.

Find out if your local flying school carries out aerobatic courses by checking out our Flight School Directory.

So do I have to renew this qualification?

Nope, as there is no formal qualification to actually renew, most people go off and practice manoeuvres on their own as long as their SEP and PPL are valid. It is recommended however that refresher lessons are taken often.

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