Ryanair Head of Training: “Ireland should be the capital of the billion-euro student pilot industry”

Future of flight training in Ireland

Ryanair's Head of Training and Deputy Chief Pilot believes that Ireland could become the capital of the billion-euro student pilot training industry. Andy O'Shea firmly believes that Ireland could be top for pilot training with minimal investment, citing that the infrastructure is already there. The Head of Training said that "more than a third of the industries current stock pile...

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Ryanair Announces New Frankfurt Routes

Ryanair expansion

Ryanair are set to challenge German flag-carrier Lufthansa at Frankfurt Hub, by increasing based aircraft from two to seven next winter (Winter 2017). New routes from Frankfurt include UK flights, to Manchester and Stansted as well as Madrid and Milan, along with several leisure destinations which will be announced shortly, bringing their total destinations from Frankfurt to twenty-four. Chief Executive...

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Norwegian launches long-haul 737 flights from UK

Norwegian Airlines 737 Max

Norwegian Airlines this week announced their latest transatlantic routes, using Boeing 737 Max aircraft from 5 different Irish and UK airports to the United States. The services are scheduled to start in June 2017 and will connect with Hartford, Newburgh Stewart and Providence on the US East Coast. Norwegian will operate their fleet of brand-new Boeing 737-8 Max aircraft to the...

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Airline Pilot Salary Guide

Uk Commercial Pilot Salary Guide

Welcome to our Commercial Pilot Salary Guide, updated for 2018 Before you read this guide to Airline Pilot Salaries we must stress that this in some areas is speculative and many details have been submitted by users and may not be 100% accurate, however it may give you a rough idea what to expect: The airline world in particular, works...

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The Stumbling Block: Paying For Flight Training

Flight Training Mortgage

For those wanting to become an airline pilot, the biggest obstacle by far, is how to afford the ever-rising cost of training. Sadly, there isn't a lot of help readily available out there, and certainly not for those younger budding-pilots who have their hearts set on an aviation career. At present, there are no UK-based airlines offering full-sponsorship course, where...

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Cathay Pacific Cadet Pilots

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific, the Hong Kong based long-haul airline has long offered cadet schemes for budding pilots, to take you from zero hours to the right seat of a large airliner such as their brand new Airbus A350 to their Boeing 747 or 777. We have put together a brief guide on their latest offering: Who are Cathay Pacific? Founded in...

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Wizz Air Integrated Airline Transport Pilot Licence

Wizz Air Cadet scheme

Wizz Air, a Hungarian-based European low-cost airline are offering 'Integrated ATPL' courses alongside CTC Aviation through their 'Wings' programme, to take budding pilots from zero to airline First Officer.  The courses are split in to three categories, we explain more about these below. Wizz Air - Integrated ATPL No previous flight experience required. Wizz Air - Fast Track One PPL(A)...

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Air Pilots’ announce 2017 scholarship details

flying scholarships

The Air Pilots, which was established in London, way back in 1929, has announced details for it's 2017 Scholarship Programme.  The Air Pilots, formerly known as the Guild of Air Pilots and Navigators, has been at the forefront of the aviation world since it's formation, supporting pilots, young and old through many varieties of training from initial to specialist training...

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Zero to Airline Pilot

Zero to ATPL. Ok, so you are probably wondering what an ATPL is right? An ATPL is short for an Airline Transport Pilot Licence, which is essentially the bare requirement to fly for an airline or a charter company. An ATPL comprises of a number of licences and ratings, all of which are explained in detail below. When you are...

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Pilot Careers Live – Dublin

The pilot training journey Training to be a pilot is a unique learning experience, which is character-building, complex, and challenging. The training demands high levels of self-discipline and determination, across a variety of physiological and practical skill-sets. But success will reward those who meet the required high standards, with a well-respected, exciting and fulfilling career. Ask any professional pilot and...

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